Phil talks to Dr. Ed Elcott who is looking for new disciples at Wampaugh Bowl. Chris Norton talks about the sudden retirement of porn star Bob Meat.

Episode 303 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Jesus Dickman. Pull it together.

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    John Steiner

    Does anyone know what the video was that Phil was watching? The “here comes the head” one. It sounds hilarious.

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    Bonnie Kliewer has been around for a long time. She used to write show recaps for the site if you scroll around you will see it.

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    Mike McCloskey

    And so “Meat-gate” will continue for another show..hope Bud is feeling better. A couple of Dark and Stormy s will fix him right up!!

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    Tom Simshaw

    Jeez I hope Bud is ok!

  • Bonnie Kliewer
    Bonnie Kliewer

    I don’t follow a religion. Religion is man made with rules. I follow Jesus and have a relationship with him.

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    Harold Weber

    I always enjoy the show when Margaret Grey sings. The voice and lyrics are so creative. Snapping fingers was a great addition.

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