The Western Estates Homeowners Association has a rule that says Christmas lights get turned off after the New Years weekend…but Bobby Dooley, HOA President is disturbed that while they are turned off, they stay affixed to the houses. She thinks this disrespects her authority, that it’s taunting her and testing her magnanimity. Bobbie has no choice but to take hostages.

Brass Villenueva of Los Malos joined Phil to discuss what he sees as the racism behind New Years resolutions. Only “Anglo-Euros” can afford to have a New Years resolution that’s a diet since Hispanics cannot afford the special vegetables and waters that these diets demand. Brass says he’s intimidated by fruits and vegetables not picked in Mexico. He feels as if he is not with his “people” when he’s standing in the produce section of Vons.

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    man the Brass Villenueva had me in TEARS. when it devolved into him talking about DUCKS and stir fried scallops and stuff, it was almost too funny to take while driving.

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    Why just the other day I was asking why Phil did not have an "aphililiate" in Minnesota. Happy to hear Phil is on in Duluth!

    Enjoyed Margaret Grey's report, especially when she yelled at Phil. Bobbie and Steve were great too. That Bobbie and her "CCNRs."

    Glad Bud and Robert are both back for the new year. I really enjoy their commentaries in Phil's last hour of his shows.

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    Bobbies setup was sublime… Slow build, but imo it was just right. Bobbie is basically on to discuss the HOA rules of lights, and how she deals with members who don't follow the rules… Extended playdates, extended pet sitting and door adjustments… Kidnapping, pet napping and stealing doors… Well played. The bit got a little confusing / off track midway as Phil tries to interject the idea that Bobbie allows Jews to keep their lights up longer as a reparation for WW2 while the callers tended to focus on the hostage situation Bobbie was having. Phil kept driving the conversation back to "Jew lights"… then on to Brett Farve's penis… WTF? The last caller sucked… The bit started good, but fell apart over the last 10 to 15 minutes.

    The Brass bit…. ehhh… I've never loved this character and I find the premise very generic and unprepared for… There is no twist here, and no real sense of progression through the story… Also Brass starts to sound a lot like Doug Dannger.

    The best part of the entire show was Margaret Grey's Hollywood report… Almost classic, I laughed harder and more frequently in that 5 minutes than the preceding 2 hours of "prepared material".

    If Phil could rotate that in with Harvey commenting on notable legal issues, or Lloyd talking about senior issues… we'd have a great hottalk hour.

    The show stopped dead in it's tracks after that as Phil chastised Jason on air… Wow… Bush league… Are you for real, Phil??

    It's a great juxtaposition to hear Phil complain about how terrible the radio industry is, and later in the same show, he awkwardly and brutishly chastises his producer in the middle of a segment… Welcome to the New Year, the date has changed but the show has stayed the same…

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    I used to have such a big freaking crush on Tim Roth, OMFG.

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    Happy to hear you're back on in Duluth!!!

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