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Monday, January 3, 2011

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The Western Estates Homeowners Association has a rule that says Christmas lights get turned off after the New Years weekend...but Bobby Dooley, HOA President is disturbed that while they are turned off, they stay affixed to the houses. She thinks this disrespects her authority, that it's taunting her and testing her magnanimity. Bobbie has no choice but to take hostages.

Brass Villenueva of Los Malos joined Phil to discuss what he sees as the racism behind New Years resolutions. Only "Anglo-Euros" can afford to have a New Years resolution that's a diet since Hispanics cannot afford the special vegetables and waters that these diets demand. Brass says he's intimidated by fruits and vegetables not picked in Mexico. He feels as if he is not with his "people" when he's standing in the produce section of Vons.


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