Is there too much DNA exoneration going on? Jay santos thinks so. Even though DNA evidence proved a man’s innocence in Texas…after 30 years of incerceration….Jay believes it’s better to just keep people in prison, even if they’re innocent. Letting them go, he believes, “makes monkeys out of law enforcement.” What would he say to a guy locked up for something he didn’t do? “Tough toenails.”

Later on Larry Grover talks about being fired from his job at Culver Print for sexual harassment. A new shop manager arrived and it was a female with a very large chest. So Larry started cavorting around the shop with two volleyballs shoved under his sweater entertaining his male coworkers. The woman walked in on this exhibition and promptly had him fired. Larry thinks that as long as you keep your prejudices to yourself it should be no problem. How was he to know this woman showed up for work on time, every morning, at 9am?

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    Loved the news hour Phil. The Bud and Robert comments interrupting your tips for a good interview were historical. Most fun I have had in a while. '…be yourself with asterisk…don't fart.'

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    *sigh* …. Jay Santos sucked… I hate to say it, but this bit sucked, nibbled and flat out blew a whole pack of Chimpanzees. This material just phailed to phind any real humour, and Jay was performed out of character, he lacked his usual confidence, confrontationalism, and super ego. Phil had a glimmer of comedy as Jay briefly discussed a situation involving the son of a CAP member who may have been convicted wrongfully, he had the perfect oppourtunity to comedically discuss this situation, but he never phollowed througph. Phil couldn't even be phunny with Jay responding to a callers comment on the CAP armband. The bit resorted to Jay unphunnily phielding calls from a broad selection of retarded listeners… yippee.

    Larry Grovers segment showed a modicum of forethought. Great scenario in the setup of Larry prancing about his office with soccer balls up his shirt, impersonating his new busty manager and getting caught. The rest of the setup was respectable with Larry showing a decidedly chauvinistic and "old school" view towards his new manager… a touch of misogyny always gets a laugh… Imo, Larry should have further discussed his views on female managers / bosses who sleep their way to the top. If not that, then Phil should have clearly prepared more material as this segment phailed to attract callers for the first 30 plus minutes.

    The funniest laugh of the night was the discussion with David G Hall in the Hottalk hour about the homeless radio announcer guy from Columbus Ohio…. 10 minutes of comedy…. totally worth $6.95 a month.

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