Hour 1:

Phil talks about the plane crash in Pt. Magu and the chili cook-off last weekend. Vic Prell lends a hand with some background music and Austin Amarka chimes in from San Antonio. Bobbie Dooley joins the program to talk about her Superbowl party buffet, she

Hour 2:

Bobbie Dooley is offering a gourmet cooking class because most wives don’t know how to cook for their husbands (cont’d) Phil wants to know, in a world where normal physics exist… how is it possible that the Rams won the Superbowl? Phil reminisces over p

Hour 3:

“Born Again Football Players” Jay Santos says pro football player Kurt Warner made it to the Superbowl as a result of turning his life over to Jesus Christ. Jay believes athletes can be more successful in their careers if they simply covert to Christianit

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    “A woman that makes baked artichoke dip gives out backstage passes.” -Bobbie Dooley

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