Hour 1:

Phil talks a little bit about the history of the nation of Islam while intern Bud Dickman runs some inappropriate background music. “Roller Boogie Weenmeister” Steve Bosell is humiliated over the fact that his son called him a “weenie” after falling over

Hour 2:

“No Onion Dip” Dave Oliva gets into an argument with his girlfriend over serving onion dip at his Superbowl party because he feels it compromises his mexican culture.

Hour 3:

Phil complains about bad callers and gears up for Superbowl XXXIV this weekend. Phil discusses the upcoming chili cook-off and the fact he doesn’t trust people in the medical profession. Phil and a caller discuss the Minnesota Vikings and talk show host N

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  • Barry

    I started listening to the archives awhile ago from the beginning too. I’m trying to find out where I left off. I think somewhere in Jan or Feb 2000. I’m gonna write down where I left off this time.

  • John

    muthur flokker! the barrel of laughs from the bit about the cowboy’s wafting of ghost pepper gas almost knocked me off the toilet. Phil, that hour three was worth the price of my annual BSP, Now, if I would have actually gotten one of those personalized voicemails, or picture discs, then well, maybe iit would be close. LOVE YOU HENDRIE. Without you in my phone i would remain nothing more than a worthless meatsack.

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    Randall Bowman


  • Avatar

    Listening to the whole archive oldest to newest. I’m up to Jan. 1999 Jan, 28th.

    Started listening since the late 80’s when I had to struggle to get reception. Missed a great deal through many moves.

    Swore I would quit your show but could not stay away.
    Love your talent Phil

    Beth Morrissey

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