Hour 1:

Phil talks about the film “The Patriot.” Caller Austin Amarka believes that slaves were happier here than they were in Africa.

Hour 2:

“Tobakie Truck” Dean Wheeler discusses his “tobakie truck” that allows underage children to buy coffee & cigarettes. Phil talks about the TV show “Sex In the City.”

Hour 3:

Phil welcomes Bobbie Dooley who believes that legally blind track athlete Marla Runyan should not be allowed to compete in the Olympics. Phil talks about getting ticketed for drinking alcohol on the beach.

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    In my opinion, the second segment–Dean Wheeler’s “Tobacky Truck” piece–is a contender for the funniest segment of all time. Floors me every time I hear it! When I’m trying to get new listeners hooked, it’s one of my go-to segments.

  • Dale

    Does the little baby want a cigarette? Haha!

  • Avatar

    This was the very first episode I ever heard. I was so floored by Bobbie that I almost got hit by a car while walking across the street. I was so confused, but I knew I loved it. So awesome to have this available, thank you!

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