Hour 1:

Bikini Waxing Shop owner Rudy Canosa is in trouble for taking photos of his clients private areas after he’s done. Phil talks about his lack of competition in radio.

Hour 2:

Margaret Gray is taking bids to reveal the name of the winner of Survivor. Margaret is using the money she raises to benefit the “Young Talent Academy” in Bel Air’s trip to London.

Hour 3:

Phil talks about Combover Boy. Steve Bosell joins the program to explain why he was putting on his wife’s makeup while he was driving.

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  • Avatar

    I’m curious which radio DJ Phil was referring to in the third hour. Doubt it’ll be answered, but Phil lit him up like a Christmas tree.

  • Van Nostrand
    Van Nostrand

    The most memorable comment from this show was in Hour 2 when Margaret said

    “You know what I’m talking about, the Frogskins, the spendings stuff”

    I have never heard this slang term used for money. My wife came up with the term “Kermits” for the “Frogskins”. You can grease a couple of palms with some Kermits.

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