Doug Danger, a gay man and a gay journalist, was on tonight to comment on Anderson Cooper coming out. “It’s a great moment Phil because it will make straight people less afarid of gay sex and it will make those homophobes lose their “hat box” status. (A hat box is a guy so deep in the closet he’s a homophobe).

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliaruy Police joined the program to talk about the CAP’s 4th annual family picnic. Jay assured Phil that while he and his “subcommanders” could safely handle fireworks the law still holds for other people: No Fireworks… “I can light off a Roman candle near your new-born baby and not burn the kid up but some other dumb ass, no way,” said Jay.

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    matt alltucker

    Brad Santos! LMAO!!

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    I said this already out on the main forum but this is definitely one of Phil's best shows this year. It's got the same magic from 10 years ago.

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    Jay Santos is always a welcome guest. I will remember to avoid large words like validation and talk radio gobbeldygook which we know as the consitution.

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