Ron Tarner, Ted Bell, Margaret Grey, Frank Grey, Bobbie Dooley and others in a mashup of views…featuring Dr. Tarner confessing consideration for a sex-change operation..

Ted Bell argued with Phil about who got what royalty and profit from the sale of a Ted’s Of Beverly Hills ringtone…and later Dr. Ron Tarner, at a carnival with his fiance Julie or Linda confesed that he’s gone through counseling for a sex-change but didn’t go through with it because a psychiatrist determined his problem was spending too much time masturbating and reading “Archie” comics.

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  • DCPhil2011

    This has to be one of the best show's you've done in a long time. Great back and forth with the characters and THANK YOU for bringing back Lil' Ian Anderson! (Mavis is awesome but Lil' Ian is f'n rad)

  • DCPhil2011

    I've had Ted's jingle on my cell for almost a year! Always gets an odd look from strangers and a smile from the wife.

  • kittychi99

    100% guaranteed that I would buy a Ted's of Beverly Hills ringtone!

  • kittychi99

    I love, love, love Mavis! Thanks, Phil, for having her call in. And singing too!

    And Bud's "Bacon strips"…bwahahahahahaha!

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