Hour 1:

This show is a Best Of from June of 2009. Phil starts out talking about politics and Mark Sanford. Margaret Grey reads some of Mark Sanford’s emails, screaming as she does it. A story of how people don’t like the black Transformers in the movie. Phil then takes some calls. Towards the end there is a discussion on the Jon and Kate plus eight show.

Hour 2:

Phil talks politics, then takes some phone calls. Harvey Wireman and RC Collins call in to the show. They are headed to a war game event. RC says he’s ready to go and fight, he will eat his own guts. Harvey doesn’t agree. He says RC shouldn’t be sent into battle. RC kisses the gunner’s daughter. Then Phil reads some news.

Hour 3:

Phil starts off the show taking a phone call. Margaret Grey called in to complain. She says a caller mocked her for her pronunciation of chimpanzee. She of course uses the French pronunciation. There is a World According To segment. Don Parsley is interviewed. He says he’s unemployed, his wife has pneumonia, no wait she’s dead. First he owns a home, then he’s renting an apartment. His story changes every time he tells it. Doug Danger, gay man gay journalist, comes on to say he doesn’t think you can drive a “gay demon” out of someone. Then some news and commentary.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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