Hour 1:

This show is a Best Of from June 2009. Phil starts out the show talking about a Oregon man who called 911 after Mcdonalds screwed up his order. Then there is some commentary. Phil talks about Glenn Beck and Fox vs. CNN Dean Wheeler calls in wanting to talk about Sarah Palin. He thinks Barbara Boxer is more good looking than Sarah Palin. Then more commentary.

Hour 2:

This is a question you shouldn’t ask. A dog swims 5 miles to an island. Why can’t people do what a dog can. There is a story about how there are less airline travelers then before. Phil relays some of his travel experiences. Then he takes some calls. During the last half hour of the show Phil interviews Chris Arlidge a trial attorney.

Hour 3:

There is a story about how newspapers are going out of business. Britain banned an ad about gun violence, and other news. During the last half hour of the show Phil interviews David Bach financial author who wrote the #1 New York best seller Start Late Finish Rich.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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