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Monday, July 23, 2001

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David G. Hall kicked off the show tonight to get women to listen. He explains why women go days and days without taking a dump. Who cares if it's not sound advice. He's about getting women to listen.

Art Bell closed the first hour to discuss an unexplained phenomenon: "as the day goes on, the sky gets darker."

Bobbie Dooley joined us in the second hour with her Western Estates greeting. "It's a beautiful day in Western Estates. How are you?" Then they typically respond "how are you?" But Bobbie is pissed because Jason Stinsmellen didn't use the greeting and didn't comment on how hot she was dressed.

Phil started the third hour with a rant about Chandra Levy's name. Phil said that it makes him want to puke. He also ranted about how the GOP wants black members but doesn't realize that you gotta care about them too.

The show closed with Bud Dickman's weekly Top 10.


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