RC Collins kicked off the show tonight to talk about boy bands. He thinks that they are the hottest thing with boys age 13-18. The harder bands got nothin’ on the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, etc.

Bud Dickman and David G. Hall closed out the first hour to get Phil’s take on the news. Bud plays the “Snore-o-meter” which is cricket sound effects.

Chris Norton joined us in the second hour to tell the audience that he’s taking out ads that offer a date with Chris for Chandra Levy if she comes out of hiding. He wants to take her to the Olive Garden and Applebees, and then have some great sex.

Steve Bosell closed the show with a single call from a non-fan.

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    Chuck Yeager

    Hour #1 is great, it’s in between RC’s goth phase and Bradley career. It’s hilarious to hear teens call in and talk about how Limp Bizkit has “staying power!”

  • John

    hour 1 is TOP shelf PHS

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