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Monday, July 23, 2012

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Deane and Emerelda Wheeler demonstrate a type of mind-control, mind-over-matter disciplione similar to the "fire-walk" done by Tony Robbins' students that injured so many. In this one, Deane walks barefoot over "white hot steel spikes, the walk of steel to achieve mastery...which comes from masturbation." Well whatever it was it didn't wind up good for Dean. And all of it taking place while a Native American tribal drum group hangs around playing and making good tips.

The next hour featured Chris Norton trying to make sure the good name of the late adult film actor John Holmes wasn't sullied by recent events. David Hall also came on the air to ask a question so inappropriate that we can't mention it even here. And Karen Deauville, her husband Herb and her brother Jerry called up to gush about the greatness of Phil's show...

With Charlie Mitchner, Emerelda Wheeler and Bob Morning Sun and the Adobe Boys...


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