Bobbie Dooley, Steve Dooley and Vernon Dozier discuss a prayer vigil that Bobby wants to have to “celebrate things we are thankful for.” It develops however, thanks to Vernon Dozier who was at her house earlier for a coffee to talk about Belmar Academy, that Ms. Dooley wants to sell downloads of a new self-produced album she has done called “A Woman,” featuring a song she called “I’ve never been to Bimini,” not knowing it’s actually “I’ve never been to me.”

Dozier stays over for the second hour to discuss the NCAA sanctions against Penn State. Dozier loves Paterno, the same way he loved his police officer father; he thinks he was a twisted, filfthy old degenerate that he respected highly and feels he is having his legacy desecrated as if the NCAA “has pried the lid off of his crypt and wants to rub JoPa’s face in it and I can only hope JoePa is a werewolf like that one in the movie where they pried the lid off and the wolf came out and lunched their faces.”

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    I have never written a coment anywhere before, but I got no one to talk with about the Phil Hendrie show because I live right now in some god forsaken prairie town on the Saskatchewan crust. I have been hooked since 2000 and have listenned were ever it was possible. Phils comedy is one of the things I love in life. Tousands of shows and I never get tiered of it (and getting tiered of things is my curse). You never know what to expect. Like tonight, I thought this show was good untill Alfe came on with his 'spastic diafragm'. After that I was hawling so hard the most outworldly falsseto sounds came out of me. And then Dosier explained that his wife was a swimmer and could talk for three minutes before running out of breath…it never ends. Thank you very much.

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    Phil – you constantly outdo yourself. You are AMAZING. I listen to you every night. This episode might go down as my favorite. When you got to the part about the intercom and the one phone line being so loud I was almost peeing myself laughing so hard… and then when you get to the guy that has to talk until ALL the air is out of his lungs – I about lost it. You are AMAZING. I've been telling all my friends about you. I'm not usually a groupie, celebrity idol worshipping type, LOL – but you're getting me there. GENIOUS! I really can't say enough. You're AMAZING. Keep up the comedy. It's almost 1 a.m. and I'm sitting in my bed laughing my ass off… this stuff is so funny and twisted. When I tell my coworkers about this in the mornings they can't get it – cause you just had to be there (that's why I'm telling them they HAVE to get a backstage pass). I'm making it my mission to listen to all your shows. I just got married and am working on converting my husband into a fan, too. 🙂 Love ya!

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    Dean Wheeler-mondays show: I laughed so hard I could not speak.

    Thankyou Phil

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