Classic Hour

Harvey Weirman reports from the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia that some delegates are so put out with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz that they want her on the 12:15 out of town by midday tomorrow. Barring that, stick her on the next box car. Also Bob Green on the Bill O’Reilly/Montel Williams dust-up and Mavis Leonard talks about Chuck Wooolery.

Then for the BSP Classic Hour, from July 25 2000, Lloyd Bonifide doesn’t think suburban women should not be allowed to have guns because his wife accidentally shot him.

Episode 692 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Father McQuarters pimping Mass with Father Staley jamming a Hammond organ is funny enough, but dropping the Monster Truck Announcer over is the funniest shit I’ve heard in years……damn man …..laughing my ass off

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