Hour 1:

Phil talks about his vacation. He discussed the arrest of Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates. Then he takes some calls. There’s a story about a crazy woman who killed her baby and ate his brain. David G Hall and Dr. Jim Sadler call in tell Phil there is comedic value in this story.

Hour 2:

Phil discusses Obama’s birth certificate, and talks about Rick Sanchez. He takes some calls, and talks about healthcare. As you like to hear them segment: Phil interviews Rick Sanchez.

Hour 3:

Phil starts out the hour talking about Sarah Palin and Obama care. He then takes some phone calls and has a spirited debate with one guy about Canadian healthcare. There is a World according to segment. Bobbie Dooley and Larry Grover call in to talk about Obama’s birth certificate. Larry wonders if there is a video of Obama leaving the birth canal. News at the end of the hour.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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