Hour 1:

Phil starts out talking about the woman who ate her baby. David G Hall calls in saying Bud called him crying saying Phil wouldn’t let him eat dinner. Then Phil talks about Glenn Beck, politics, and takes some calls.

Hour 2:

Phil talks about free speech, then he takes some phone calls. There is a World According to segment with Dr. Ron Tarner. There is a story of a school testing kids for STD’s without their parent’s permission. Dr. Tarner thinks it’s a good idea, he says they are learning something about themselves. His program is called spread early, spread out.

Hour 3:

Phil tells a story about moldy apartments, then talks about the time when he lived in a smelly apartment building. Then he takes some calls. There is a life imitates Phil segment. The world according to Doug Danger, gay man gay journalist. He’s upset that he didn’t get a GLAD award. He thinks he deserves it because he beats up gays. Then there’s some news.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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