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Monday, June 12, 2006

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Hour 1:

Jeff Dowder says the Morman Church is in upheaval. They're leaving town because they found out Indians have Chinese blood, not Mediterranean blood. Phil plays the Mint Green Jingle submitted by a listener from David G. Hall plays the "Saw an American" jingle and then Raj Faneen calls in to sing it. Phil plays a clip of Combover Boy. Jeff Dowder comments on the 1 million dollar Ferrari that crashed on the P.C.H.

Hour 2:

High School senior Justin McElroy doesn't want to attend Grad Night in a bus. He thinks the students should be allowed to drive themselves in their own cars. In retalliation Justin has put up an offensive website to show how angry kids are about the decision.

Hour 3:

Bobbie Dooley tells Phil her doctor diagnosed her with colon cancer three days ago, then she says that she's only joking. Bobbie wants Phil's listeners to know that you don't have to worry about getting colon cancer as long as you don't eat like Katie Couric.


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