Hour 1:

Bobbie and Steve Dooley hired an exotic dancer for their sons graduation party… Bobbie says they are helping prepare the boys for the real world.

Hour 2:

Rudy Canosa joins the program to talk about the World Cup and why it’s not popular in America. Rudy believes the sport of soccer causes a sexual tension between American men and women. Lloyd argues with Rudy about freeballing.

Hour 3:

Jeff Dowder wants to audition for the NFL voiceover job. Phil takes some calls from fans and plays a flashback. Margaret Grey sings “My Way” with her own lyrics.

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  • Tyrone

    The professionalism that was show during these “final” days is a lesson that we all should learn from. The show is hilarious, innovated, and as a person who currently works in radio I can only hope I can one day do a show 1/2 as good as this one.

    • Avatar

      I can guarantee you won’t do anything remotely amazing as Hendrie.

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