Hour One:

Herb Sewell comments on the Michael Jackson acquittal saying many of the men he was incarcerated with “for various perversions” wonder if now, with this verdict, the “light is green” for perverts…..

Hour Two:

Doug Dannger, a gay man and a gay journalist, claims during this freewheeling hour that he is also black, having experienced “the same kind of discrimination.” Therefore, Doug claims that many black people are frightened that another pervert may have just been let loose on the streets but also glad that a black man was lynched by “a pack of Central Coast crackers.”…………

Hour Three:

Phil tries to explain away the pod cast problems, boasting that “some new technology will be installed”……Phil then screams about how we “need to do something about the price of oil” but says he’s still not buying a hybrid….The Cowboy Jim Show features a gun safety lesson that has Jim (naturally) blowing off his own manhood and the show announcer bringing on a cartoon and then committing suicide….David G. Hall, feeling the Cowboy Jim bit was real juvenile, makes Phil sing the Cowboy Jim theme song……Finally Margaret Grey tells Phil Tom Cruise is a huge fan and wants to come watch the show but first Phil has to attend a series of lectures at the Scientology Center………

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