Hour 1:

Margaret Grey believes the US Army is filled with Lynndie England’s, “a lurching mob of ‘gloids.”

Hour 2:

Raj Feneen came on the show to say that NASCAR wastes oil with their “stupid racing.” The oil that is wasted by NASCAR is the resource of the middle east and Americans use it to race cars and go buy “Biggie fries.” Phil ended the hour by saying that NASCAR is superior to any other sport because you can bring a cooler in and no dumbass fan is going to throw something on the track without the other fans around him, without warning, ending his life.

Hour 3:

Vernon Dozier listened as a female student told him she and her boyfriend were experimenting sexually and that she was afraid of getting pregnant. Vernon tells Phil that “naturally I got aroused” and that she found out because “I was wearing Spandex cycling shorts” but that he wanted to help her. He advised her to try “the back door.”

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    One of my favorite shows. Love Margaret talking about the pan face.

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