Hour One:

Ted Bell’s steakhouse is such a great, prime, continental experience, he feels its acceptable to comment on how nice women’s b-u-t-t’s are. He feels any woman who can’t see that she is in a class place and the price for that is him grabbing their a-s-s as he leads them to their table is an egotistical b-i-t-c-h.

Hour Two:

Bob Greene, the chairman of Frazier Foods, is on to defend his employees for hiring prostitutes to entertain suppliers who visit. Bob says that the guy who supplies his Chinese noodles beat up on of the women and left her to hitch hike home with a ball gag in her mouth “but that’s not as bad as Michael Jackson walking backwards and touching some corduroy wearing kid.”

Hour Three:

The Rocco Pandilini Experience is a radio show with a guy that tries to talk sexy to young babes but his imbecile call screener keeps putting 100 year old women on the air…..Phil takes calls from folks watching the webcast in Chicago, Portland, Tampa…..and on a US Navy base in Sicily!…..Art Bell discusses General Johnson Jameson’s latest invention, a seismograph that “predicts” earthquakes…..Little Logan Benson checks in with his grandpa’s latest opinions…..A guy calls Phil to tell him he is going to ram his Oldsmobile into the hair salon that just gave him a “Brady Bunch Perm.”……..

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