RC Collins from Bradley Military Academy was on to pay his respects to Ryan Dunn, on of the stars of the “Jackass” film and TV series, who died Monday in an car crash. For RC, the death of Mr. Dunn resonates for his generation “like the death of Princess Diana did for yours. It takes real guts to stand there and let someone kick you straight in the testicles” proclaimed RC.

Don Parsley joined Phil in Hour 2 to talk about his father dying…..on Father’s Day.  Actually, Don “pulled the plug” on his dad, against his dad’s wishes,  so the man wouldn’t wind up “looking like Terri Schiavo” and so Don could get some press on the “Father’s Day angle.”

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  • David Jefferson
    David Jefferson

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    Wow you guys suck so much dick, where do you get the time to diss Phil? You couldn't begin, not even for 2 minutes, to do what he does. And now, Sittle( stupid fucking screen name) is just being intellectualy dishonest. That RC bit was good, and he DiD mention Earnhardt. And the news hour was great, and there is still some edgyness here and there. What's a guy supposed to do, the same thing, same bits for 20 years? How come your subscription hasn' t been cancelled?

    Peace out, fags.

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    I gotta be honest as an old school phil fan. Since he's been back on the air I still find myself listening to classic phil shows rather than the new ones. They just aren't as edgy or offensive, especially toward the callers.

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    Awiley, well said… I think we all remember the pathetic grovelling…

    In case it's forgotten… :

    "…I will never make another comment at all on the site." : You should keep that promise Allen…

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    Allenm74's response shows you the intellectual rigor of the apologists around here.

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    I hate to say this but the last two nights where crap radio- good ideas from Phil's following and NO effort to advance the initial idea-LAZY SHOW PREP- Packing for Toronto wears a guy out I guess.

    Also there was a time when Phil would never think to let his audience choose his material-he made fun of any attempt for a novice to submit material to him-the times they are a laz'n!

    Lastly- I haven't commented on Phil's ugly rant against those who complain about his show-but shouting someone down only lowers you- where's the professionalism? Why is it so important to defend what Phil knows is substandard.

    For the haters of Sittle- Why does it matter-everyone should be entitled to their opinion- he's correct more often then not.

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    Spot on sitttle!

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    Ya! sittle, blow it out your ass. Who is with us on this one?

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    sittle….blow it out your ass

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    RC's setup sucked… so dull, so booring. RC wasn't offensive, challenging or bratty at all and the material is weak and sloppy. Ryan Dunn is this generations Princess Diana…. ? That is wickedly unphunny, it's not even offensive, it's just a hot mess. Evil Knievel, Earnhardt, Richard Petty, John Wayne… sure… All of those names would've been more controversial and phunnier.

    Great technical and unprofessional breakdown by Phil at the 20 minute intro…. Great show as always.

    RC was poorly performed, he's out of character even by the post newstalk standards. He sounds like Justin McEllroys' younger borther. He's speaking slow, unconfident and with less brash than usual. If RC was performed well, this bit could've been a lot phunnier, but it was really dull.

    Continuing on Schiavo night, Don Parsley is on. The setup is straightforward, and lacks any real twists over the first 15 minutes. Don pulled the plug on his comatose dad so he wouldn't look like Schiavo.

    The rest of the bit revolved around all of that material. An attempt at a 2nd act was made (O'reilly factor), but it went nowhere, in fact it went blackhole.

    The concept was good, but there was no details, no twist… Don, needed to prosper off of this, or be asking for a hand or cash. Perhaps the story should've been featured before Fathers Day, and he could ask for donations to keep the machines hooked up… Bermans appearance only underlined the pure lack of material, Parsley went out of character at the end of the bit, uncomedically. Mind numbingly dumb.

    Lloyds appearance was decent…. "You're not gonna get me to like no bowl haircut barbecue"… but too brief. Lloyd frequently did not sound like Lloyd, but he had a phunnier phive minutes than the rest of the night.

    On the Danger Scale : 5 gay thumbs down and 1 gay thumb up.

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