Steve Bosell took us on a bizarre journey tonight featuring late night phone calls from a breather and a wife and daughter dancing in front of mirrors. Steve’s daughter kicked off Father’s Day by looking at her Dad, saying “Happy Father’s Day” and dragging a finger across her throat. Steve then video-ed the same act outside…and it went viral on YouTube. Steve’s scared!

Ted Bell from his restaurant in Beverly Hills implored Phil’s listeners to earmark Federal tax money to help California make up it’s 10 billion dollar shortfall. “California is equal to Mt. Rushmore and the Lincoln Memorial. What do you think of when you think of, say, Washington state? Something cold and wet.” Ted went down the list of every State in the Union saying the only thing they all had in common with California was dope.

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    …Unfinished…gotta agree (and I just threw up in my mouth a little) with sittle on this one…

    Unbiased? PHIL?!?

    You are high on a plethora of hallucinogens if you actually think that.

    Phil said one night…and I quote.."Sometimes you have to compromise your morality to get things done…"…regarding the so-called war on terror..etc…

    I love his show for many reasons…but his politics is definitely not one of them. Hypocrisy if funny when deployed by a character during a bit…but sad when you hear it during the third "news" hour.

  • paddyandpeanut

    I love how Steve Bosell and this whole Dorton thing makes for a weird yet hilarious sort of horror movie thing <3

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    Bennviam…sometimes it helps to pull the elastic down a little further…to free the junk up a little more. Works for me, anyway. Of course, age may have something to do with it, as well.

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    Oh god Sittle, another book report? Why do you feel a need to offer a stupid ass critique every day like anyone gives a shit? Bail out of your BSP already if you think it's so bad. We love every minute of it.

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    Wait, no, still having problems…

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    Okay now it's coming up. I just waited for it to load for a few minutes.

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    Yes, I'm having a problem getting the stream too.

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    anyone else having trouble getting the videocast to play or is i be a mongo?

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    The opening is bizarre, interesting, amusing, but it lacks consistency and stimulus for callers due to the disjoints of the story. The setup is a number of small story portions stitched together, they are not fleshed out… Steve is scared, but then he "gets it". He's called to the school, but no one talks to him. Phil asks the audience about the liberal curriculum of the school, but it's never outlined or even discussed… huh? The mad libs edition of PHS.

    Overall the bit fails to attract callers, mostly due to the lack of consistency through the storytelling, there is zero incentive for callers to be called in, this material does not incite anger or interest from the 10 pm PST talk radio listener.

    There are some chuckles to be had, (another breathing phone call from Ms. Dorton, Steve breaking down) but it's rather schizophrenic and repetitive.

    43 minutes worth of reasons as to why it would be wise to hire an assistant writer. It's cheap to get ideas from twitter… quality costs.

    The Ted bit sucks chimps… The setup material is weak and flimsy, worst of all, it's lacking any sort of jokes. This is just a political discussion with a Guest on the phone…. oh boy.

    The bit is funnier as Ted discusses the other 50 states and how they suck. It was nice to hear Ted hit the donut tonight… All in all, this wouldn't make the "Best of 2011" CD cut.

    Fire up the blowsometer … *sniff sniff* … Cat urine!

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    Unfinished… no… just no…

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    Please ask Phil to use his extraordinary intellect and masterful political insight to cover more political news. I realize he does discuss political events but I think with his ability to be unbiased and take the pro or con point of view we will all benefit from contrary current event news analysis.

    As always, Unfinished.

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