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Monday, March 12, 2018

Following up on comments made by General Shaw during the Saturday Cinema, Don Micksa guests with the story of Frank Sinatra Jr.’s kidnapping in 1963. Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police and Deane Wheeler of Wheeler Resort square off over an “insult” allegedly delivered to Jay from Deane.

The BSP Classic Hour is from September 2000. Aspiring LAPD officer Dave Oliva says the police have the right to expect privacy when they’re “kicking a guy’s head in” and that if we keep videotaping cops they might not want to do their jobs anymore. Phil talks about the Olympics and the Soviet Union.

Episode 1112 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    I said to this dumbass I work with, (who believes that AR 15’s should be legal) that I think grenades should be legal too.
    He says in his dumbass redneck accent “why would you want that, it would be crazy”, I was like why? He says well can you imagine people throwing grenades everywhere, I was like yeah dumbass, that’s the point, get it? He was to stupid to ever get anything….

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      Talk about comparing apples to potatoes

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    Preach it Phil… you’d’a thougjt the hicks would have died off in this country by now. But we have an endless fountain of dumb.

  • Ed Noponen
    Ed Noponen

    Thanks for your brilliant pre-show “rant”, Phil. Spot on!

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    Don MacDonald

    That was the greatest pre-show rant ever.

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    What happened to the traffic report? I need Sky Baby crashing into a water tower on a daily basis.

  • Edward

    Liberal fascist bullies all over this section. You guys blow a battalion of chimponzee…Phil makes me laugh, that’s why I paid for a BSP since 2004.

    The rest of you can get bent….you seem used to it. LOFL

    And, don’t mistake me for a Trump-humper. Some of us demand more from the system, and not just jock one side.

    Wake up and shut up!

    Bring the insults. From you lot they are meaningless and quite cute really.

    Shitiots. wa wa…

  • Leann

    So where is the pre-show video??? I am only seeing the 3 minute audio pre-show. I really want to hear the rant!! 🙁

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    Are there really people out there who still support Trump? Stop watching False News and check legitimate news sources.
    Tillerson said it best “Trump is a fucking moron.”

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      Angry Old White Guy

      I stil suport Trump. Wheeee

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      Angry Old White Guy

      I stil suport Trump. Weeee

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    That rant was spiritually satisfying

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    Never mind my pointless griping. Found the pre-show further in the video fo rMonday. Excellent.

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    Looked for Phil’s Monday pre-show rant. No dice. I guess it’s not up as a videocast. Oh well.the main show was a good one. Hmmmm….who’d win in a bar fight, Deane or Jay? I’d say Deane. He just gets crazy angry all the time.

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    tom gage

    Screw the people who can’t handle your politics. I would have enjoyed hearing your rant. Put it back up in an audio file please.

  • TwiceRemoved77

    Those BSPs who get butt hurt over someone telling the truth about Trump can suck a squirrel. Those people have already tuned the pre-show out. There are BSPs who paid for the content and still want use the downloadable audio file.

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      Angry Old White Guy


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      Angry Old White Guy

      @ T.W. 77 , I’m not butt hurt. I happy as all get out watching you libs cry. Wheeee

  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    LOL Don Micksa and his Gentlemen of Sin

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