Tonight Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police ran down why the CAP is better than your average bunch of redneck cops….and Margaret Grey chastised both Phil and James Cameron for their egos, lack of historical knowledge and sexism. The ego of James Cameron knows no bounds, says Margaret Grey.

Last hour caller Roy tells Phil about the time he took the Cayman Island submarine ride and panicked, holding a knife to a woman’s throat until they emergency surfaced.

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    Vaunted front four for the Purple People Eaters: Allen Page, Carl Eller, Gary Larsen, Jim Marshall. Funny show tonight, thank you, that is all.

  • icemilk

    Hi ya Phil. Did you ever see the cult film from 1969 " The Model Shot" . Starring Gary Lockwood, Alexandra Hay and Anouk Aim'ee. The whole movie was filmed in Hollywood. Talk about swanky photos of women. Also the sound track was provided by the old cult band "Spirit". Check it out…

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    This latest mission of Jay Santos is right up Steve's alley.

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