It was Reverand David Castorini tonight talking about Tim Teebow being demoted for Peyton Manning and how it will seriously shake the faith of Christians coast to coast…and Larry Grover was angry at the “idiots” in Illinois who voted for Romnety and backstabbed Santorum……

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    larry grover=animal lover! lol!

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    Sometimes I think Pat Robertson is a Phil Hendrie character.

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    Pat Robertson came out today on the 700 Club and said that is Peyton Manning were to get injured again it would "serve them(Denver) right." Talk about life imitating Phil…

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    SeriousSam, that's how I initially first heard about Santorum. Moroganhorsey, prepare yourself for the definition…

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    @morganhorsey you wanna get a real laugh? Google the word Santorum and check out the neologism.

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    Has not anyone referred to this guy as "Rick Sanitarium?
    His routine political suicidal tendencies has earned him this.
    Very few want a bible thumper in office IE
    a religious zealot.
    Mental Illness.

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