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Monday, March 20, 2006

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Hour 1:

Phil explains why his radio show is so strange. Phil saw a cop with his lights on today and most people didn't pull over. Lloyd Bonifide asks Phil how he's supposed to pull his R.V. over for a cop. Harvey Wireman debates football with a child named Brenda, Brenda knows a lot more about football than Harvey. Jeff Dowder has hot oils to massage Phil's neck. David Hall complains about a comment he heard on the air.

Hour 2:

Larry Grover believes it is an insult to order any man to pay child support... and he's fighting back.

Hour 3:

Dave Oliva thinks women need to step up and quit half assing the L.A. Marathon. Mavis Leonard calls in to disagree with Dave, she used to run marathons when she was in college. Phil plugs the website, the PHS backstage pass, "Teachers", and the upcoming Webcast on March 31st.


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