Hour 1:

Father James McQuarters joins the program to talk about the origins of St.Patrick’s Day. The Father thinks that St.Patrick’s Day should only be celebrated by Catholics and those with Irish Blood.

Hour 2:

Dean Wheeler from “The Idea Roundtable” joins the program to talk about the Scientology religion. Dean comments on Tom Cruise’s threat to cease promotion of his new movie for Viacom because of an episode of South Park that ridiculed Scientology. Dean says if you see a Scientologist walking down the street you better tip your cap, because that’s a person that can either do you a lot of good or do things you can’t even imagine.

Hour 3:

Phil plugs the webcast and talks about how it freaks him out when people come into the studio to watch his show. Phil talks about Isaac Hayes quitting South Park. Phil plugs the website and talks about the Jets getting Patrick Ramsey. Phil reads some e-mail and talks about Lenny Bruce.

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    Fuck, I forgot about Phil’s phase on ranting about Scientology. Completely loved those years!

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