Classic Hour

The Marriott Hotel chain is moving into Cuba. Bobbie and Steve Dooley attempt to comment, but are insulted by Phil and ask to leave the air. Vernon Dozier talks about his addiction to world football (soccer) and what a waste of time it is. Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police is called on to locate Larry & Gloria Grover after a suspicious hang up.

Then after the show stay tuned for today’s Classic Hour from November 30, 2000. R.C. Collins discusses the “New Youth Nation,” a group of “children” moving to an Indian reservation because they no longer have trust and confidence in adults.

Episode 602 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Andrew

    The dude pronounces it “Kid Cutty”, not “Kid Cootie” as Ms. Grey prefers.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Thank you. I’ll pass it along

  • Dan Green

    The Johnny Manziel ad was awesome.

    • Cody Elms
      Cody Elms

      I played it for some of my fellow Browns fan coworkers. They loved it!

  • henry

    Thanks for all the times you made me laugh when I was down and out.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      I’m glad I was up to the task, Henry

  • Don MacDonald

    Hi Phil, I hear you on your comment that you have to have a team to follow in order to be interested in a sport. I followed the Seattle (Super) Sonics from when I was a kid but when they left for Oklahoma City I have had no interest in the NBA. That also has a lot to do with the circumstances under which they left. In any event, since the Sonics are no more, I could care less about professional basketball. I follow Gonzaga and NCAA basketball instead. Maybe I’ll check out the EPl. Go Zags!

  • Susan Chapman-Jones

    BTW, I really enjoyed the new “commercials.” And thanks for the great Classic Hour. RC can always be counted on to come up with some very earnest plan; just quit “tooling the youth,” Phil. And quit with your condescending attitude. If RC needs a hobby, how about–concubines. It’s occurred to me that these Classic bits, beside being hilarious, also provide snippets of historical significance. Who can forget the presidential election of 2000, when we had to wait week after week, only to finally learn that the SCOTUS had appointed W to be our esteemed commander in chief. Well, in fact, I realized that I’d blocked it out (considering the 8 years that followed). It’s actually very prescient–I mean RC’s scathing indictment of democracy.

  • Susan Chapman-Jones

    Jeez Phil, that was a strange one today; I was drinking Earl Gray and nearly choked when Gloria followed Larry into the gym with a sandwich… So, it looks like Harvey’s “news break” is gone?? Thank you. All the Harvey bit did was slow the pace down. All that talk of Bradley Academy and RC gave me a craving for some Collins. Since you’re adding an hour from the archives to each show, could you please play the hour in which RC and Watson are calling in from a pay phone in Bradley’s cafeteria; Watson needs a crayon to write with, and keeps demanding tater tots. (I think that show is archived at – 2012, July 13, hour 2). BTW is Robert training to be a Baptist minister? He suddenly sounded all “angelical” there for a minute. Such a great show, I’ll have to listen to it again when I’m not drinking tea.

  • Michael

    Just watched Zodiac again today… underrated Fincher film.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      I liked that flick a lot. But the cartoonist character, while real and probably pivotal, for me slowed the story down.

  • Cody Elms
    Cody Elms

    Listening to Phil talk about the crap year for Everton is what I must sound like every year after the Browns tank another season.

  • Jeff

    didn’t Trump attend Bellmar academy along with RC Collins?

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Actually RC went to Bradley Military Academy. I’m sure Trump attended there, maybe not with RC though

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