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Monday, March 27, 2006

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Hour 1:

Phil is joined live in studio by "Teachers" cast members Deon Richmond, Matt Winston, Kali Rocha, and Justin Bartha (via phone). Phil takes some phone calls for the cast from Frank Grey (who has gender confusion), Rudy Canosa, Chris Norton, and RC Collins.

Hour 2:

Beekeeper Austin Amarka is very upset that the state of California has asked him to reduce his number of hives because his one acre property isn't big enough to accommodate them. Austin warns that if the state doesn't leave him alone his bees might get loose and swarm into a middle school playground. Steve Bosell is suing his wife because he saved up $6,000 for her to get a breast job and instead she used the money to buy a tiffany necklace.

Hour 3:

Jim Sadler wears a leopard brief when he goes to stretching class, he says it's nothing to be scandalized about because he's in great condition.


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