Classic Hour

Frank Grey previews the Masters while butchering another round at Rancho Park. Robert DeNiro has dropped an anti-vaccine film from his Tribeca Film Festival and Dr. Jim Sadler, enroute to a meeting and barely able to hear anything because his windows are rolled down, comments. Plus Bud Dickman comments on the annual Dyngus Day festivities in Buffalo, NY.

Our BSP hour is from March 14, 2003. Steve Bosell lost a bet with a neighbor saying that Elizabeth Smart would not be found alive, and now he is disappointed.

Episode 607 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    geoff tofield

    My fellow commuters must think i’m a whack job. Almost lost my mud on the bus listening to Steve Bozell whine about losing his bet…. absolutely classic stuff, reminds me of when I used to listen LIVE in Miami (late 90s early 00’s??)

  • Andrew

    I got a laugh out of Debbie Daly randomly appearing in Bob’s helicopter.

  • TwiceRemoved77

    My dad about lost his lunch laughing at Frank hitting the ball onto the club house back porch.

    Also being from Buffalo hearing that “Buffalonian sounds like something you squat and leave on a lawn” was super funny too. Dyngus Day is just the Polish neighborhood Mardi Gras. “Lent is over, let’s party again!”

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