Another Saturday Cinema with Phil!

From 1945, with Edward G. Robinson and directed by Fritz Lang. You figure it out.

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    Just saw the movie on TCM. Oh Johnny that B had it coming.

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    This was a great show PH. I heard you say next week — back to sci-fi –, yet I like the drama movie satire. Please keep it in the mix.

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    Susan Chinn

    That’s how it ended? Oh for cat’s sake!

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    That guy in the painting reminds me of the Baron Harkonnen.

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    Thank you for another great Sat Nite Cinema. On the blows a meter this one came out roses

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    Don MacDonald

    Thanks for these Phil, I didn’t know how this formula would work since I really enjoyed Mystery Science Theater 3000 back in the day but Saturday Cinema with Phil is funnier still and uncensored to boot which is a great plus.

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