Hour 1:

Phil talks about the passing of radio veteran Mark Dennis. Lloyd Bonifide calls in, he believes the WWII memorial was a misappropriation of funds.

Hour 2:

Phil talks about the music of the 70’s. Ted Bell joins the program to discuss satellite dishes vs. cable television. Ted claims most poor folks can’t afford a satellite dish.

Hour 3:

Phil rants about the columnists that editorialize his radio show. Phil talks about crap movies that everybody else loves.

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  • Avatar

    Wait a minute! 1st hour, I swear the “groundskeeper” calls in to talk to Lloyd! The start of it, the caller is weezing like the groundskeeper!!

  • Galaxyflyer1

    Gotta hear hour 2. Ted Bell vs truck driver lady from Texas. One of the best!

  • Avatar

    That Ted Bell vs. the female truck driver bit in hour 2 was pretty awesome. The ‘she’s on hold’ part was classic. She obviously didn’t understand that he’s Ted Bell. We are all white trash compared to Ted Bell.

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