Hour 1:

“Elián González Ad Campaign” Advertising executive Brad Rifkin thinks Elián González is a good spokesman for the minority community… he is pushing Elián to star in Crest toothpaste commercials.

Hour 2:

“It Takes A Village” Phil speaks with Bobbie Dooley who calls to express her concerns about a family in her community called the Browleys. Bobbie believes that if you allow your children to eat Gogurt ™ and play Nintendo 64, you might as well be suckin

Hour 3:

Phil talks about hanging out with the Swede and the film “Swept Away.” The PHS Boxing presents… Marisleysis Gonzalez vs. Lennox Lewis!! Phil talks about the use of the word “goddamn” on his show. The PHS presents… “Classical Connection” with your host

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