David G. Hall started the show to ask Phil why he wasn’t doing schtick about Perry Como dying. Bud then talks about Como’s songs.

Phil then went into a rant about playing the game Taboo with the kids and having to describe Heffner. The oldest kid describes him as a “pimp”, which is different from how Phil’s generation saw him.

Steve Bosell wrapped up the first hour to talk about his wife’s dad visiting from Houston. Steve wants to do business with him, but doesn’t know who he roots for in basketball, so he’s worried that his father-in-law won’t like him if he roots for the wrong team.

Bob Green joined us in the second hour as a sports agent. He said that Rodman’s 40th B-day bash was busted up by cops. It’s racial profiling.

Then RC Collins gave his weekly Sopranos Report.

Phil then had some comments on the Blake murder.

And David G. Hall wrapped up the show to tell Phil that it was the best hour of talk radio that he’s ever done.

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    Hour 3: I love when Phil does his impression of “horrible callers”. People who think they have a great point!

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