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Monday, May 16, 2005

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Hour 1: Dave Oliva, wannabe LAPD is concerned.....the man who was going to marry the Runaway Bride might suddenly get angry with her and "backhand her like Rod Laver at the Australian Open..." If Dave is the cop responding to that call he is going to be torn: A man shouldn't hit a woman but, on the other hand, she did make him look "like a horse's be-hind in front of all of America."

Hour 2: Vernon Dozier, a high school teacher, comes on to explain why he has to take a second job at a "sandwich" shop. His pay as a teacher is inadequate. While teaching is the worlds most honorable profession and he is still forced to stand there taking sandwich orders, he ought to be able to date someone's 15 year old daughter without explaining himself.

Hour 3: RC Collins from Bradley Military Academy is on to say he's a cadet and unlike Marines in basic training, he can't blow off steam by getting into a bar fight. He wants so much to go to Iraq and stick and insurgents head on a stick. So he and some other cadets "represent" at a local middle school where they turn over garbage cans and shove toilet paper down the toilet to blow off steam and show the "civilians" that they are to be respected.


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