Hour 1:

Live from Jim Seals Auto Farm… it’s Saving Private Hendrie day! Phil talks about his listenership in the bay area.

Hour 2:

Lloyd Bonifide from the organization “What Gives You the Right to Speak to Me That Way?” joins the program to talk about memorial day, and “the value of war.”

Hour 3:

Dave Oliva calls the program to talk about the Indy 500, Juan Montoya, but most importantly… his ’72 midnight blue El Camino. Phil is joined in the studio by his daughter Katherine and his wife Maria calls in to say hello.

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    Hey what’s the song at the end of hour3?

  • Dale

    HAVE YOU HAD YOUR HAND IN GOO?? hahaha Lloyd

  • Avatar

    Thanks! This completes my Jim Seals collection I think!

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