Hour 1:

Phil is joined by Bobbie Dooley, a mother who has breast-fed her children consistently for the last 10 years. Even though her kids are now pre-teens, Bobbie claims that breast-feeding kids until they’re 13 helps keep them slim. Phil talks about the high s

Hour 2:

“Don’t Get Shot At KooKooRoo” Retried school teacher Mavis Leonard is encouraging African Americans to stay away from trash can chicken joints to avoid being shot and then racially stereotyped.

Hour 3:

“Deep Throating the Dog” Steve Bosell wants to sue Oscar Mayer for making a hot dog that is fallic shaped. Steve was humiliated after eating one of their products and somebody made the comment “it looks like you took one off the face.” Lil’ Ian Anderson j

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    “A wad of mayonnaise on my chin.” OMG

  • Carlos

    I don’ts eats no trash can chicken no mo. Hendrie is off the chain.

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    Great Bosell segment. Tears.
    Phil’s gets tough on callers.

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