Dave Oliva kicked off the show to say that Robert Blake should not be under suspicion because he played Barretta, a cop on TV. The training to play a cop is like being a cop and no cop would do that.

Ted Bell then joined the show in the second hour to discuss gas prices. Ted thinks that gas prices have forced a lack of respect for SUV drivers. People in Toyotas no longer get out of the way for him.

David G. Hall started the third hour. He heard Phil say that he broke a chair. That’s a frightening thing for women. David wants Phil to say that he’ll get chocolate, flowers, etc.

Bud Dickman wrapped up the show with his Weekly Top 10 and guest Carson Daly.

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  • Barry

    Around minute 30, Dave was like “ and and and and and and and and”. Lol

  • Barry

    Hour 1. I saw Robert Blake on the Johnny Carson show many years before his wife was killed and he joked about getting rid of a significant other by killing them. I recorded it, I still have it. I’m sure he had something to do with it.

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