“Best Of” on the radio!

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    I played a bunch of Phil on a recent road trip with pals … all commented they wish there were more real callers… I kept apologizing and saying how the episodes I had on my MP3 were not his best … looking very forward to being able to download the older stuff! Some good old Mavis & Harvey or even more callers would have had them all buying BSP's!
    Shepard Humphries – Jackson, Wyoming

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    I highly suggest all Phil fans stream Winnebago man on Netflix. The guy is Phil to a T.

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    Shut up and let the magic happen. Hendrie is genius, guests or no guests.

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    Nice to see a majority of comments are supportive of our dark master … Phil … For a change.

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    Phil Phan

    I guess I'll confess that this is a 'semi-complaint'. I wish these 'best of' could include more of Phil's 'classic' shows. I know…copyright issues and the like. There just isn't quite as much to choose from with the TRN character voice shows. I hear repeats quite often.

    But I guess that's why I pay for a backstage pass!

    What ever happened with using real names, not user names on here? Since I'm posting a 'semi-complaint' I'll go ahead and do it myself. Andrew Stahmer-Lawrence, KS U.S.A.

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    Thank goodness I've lots of other shows I can download and listen to on the rerun days.

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    Stop bitching
    Dear god
    It's annoying to read negative comments

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    Phil, if you are going to do best of every now and then can u please get some chris norton on there. especially the ones where he does all those crazy dances. My favorite "Ill teach you man to dance". still trying to do the turning pages with my buttcheeks.

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    how about phil does what he wants and you take ur 7$ elsewhere if its such a problem for u

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    I have an idea that might be beneficial. How about a calendar that Phil updates weekly with the days he will play a tape? That way, we will all know beforehand what to expect. Or Phil can pre-tape his shows before airing like Bill Handel and just play them in place of a live show. I mean, you are barely taking phone calls anyway. Im having a hard time justifying the $7 bucks a month. It might be cheaper than porn, but at least porn rarely disappoints. Especially that midget porn.

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