Don Parsley, a Backstage Pass member, watched the Costas interview with Sandusky and joined the show tonight to make the case that maybe Sandusky is just a big kid and the whole thing was a big misunderstanding

Later on Vernon Dozier and Don Micksa debate Occupy Wall Street. Is it free expression or a typhoid epidemic waiting to break out?

With RC Collins, Dr. Jim Sadler, Margaret Grey and Frank Grey…

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    gimme a break,,,,try not to be too sensative. And, yes, Lebron choked!…I can feel anyway I want regarding race…especially in a sport where white boy's are a minority. I was having fun with it…YOU are the one preoccupied with race here.

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    @ChapelPerilous . Why inject race into the discussion? The Mavericks won the championship. I don't think Lebron James got "faced" by anyone. What team did you say you play for? How are negotiations?

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    these ocwall st people need a good beat down!!!! hoping phil might take the lead in that arena one of these nights. I could see jeff dowder reporting live from one of these stupid rally's.

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    I would like to give don parsley 2 bucks i would i go about doing that????

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    jim grey is a knob had a chance to meet him not long ago, talked to him a couple of times since then and yep he is a bigger tool than i thought! the lebron show should have been hosted by herb sewell , have a feeling herb would have loved south beach at least he would have put a a ring on some young mans finger???? lebrons jumper is even worse when it is crunch time!!!

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    More OWS put down please..

    Watching OWS on the telly, is like watching the remaining members of the Grateful Dead and the audience who felt left behind when Jerry died.

    Gary Nelson Harper
    Ban Kwao, Thailand

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    Oh man, please more jokes about the Occupy Wall Street Protesters. What a bunch of fucking scum, right? Dirty, filthy YOUNG people trying to change the world for the better. I almost feel like I'm over 40 and I make good money.

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    Video cast was garbage,waste of bandwidth money that could have been used to feed a child wherever . but the audio was worth listening to.

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    Jim Grey lost all journalistic credibility when he hosted the LeBron James telecast where he lamely announced he was "taking his talents to south beach"…referring to

    He then proceeded to get FACED by Dirk Nowitzki in the finals….a WHITE BOY!!!


    Perhaps King James should learn to take his "talents" to the gym when no one is looking and learn to shoot a proper, consistent, jump shot….


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