Hour 1:

Phil uses the restroom live on the air due to stomach problems. He later puts a real caller on the air who called the station to request “Monkey” by Ozzy Osbourne. Phil excuses himself once again to use the restroom and explains how he wipes his ass with toilet paper. Phil finds out about the cigarette companies manipulating nicotine and fires back.

Hour 2:

“Movies Inform Us” After hearing Phil talk about the film “The Insider”, Margaret Gray calls into the program. Margaret explains that no issue is important until Hollywood makes a movie about it.

Hour 3:

“Jon Benet Ramsey Theory” Aspiring LAPD officer Dave Oliva joins the program, he believes it’s very possible that Jon Benet Ramsey beat herself to death with a miniature bat to reenact the Rodney King beating on its 5th anniversary.

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