Hour 1:

“Rebounding from a Heart-attack” Art Griego explains that because he is in such prime physical shape that he can continue to smoke cigarettes and eat red meat even after having a recent heart-attack, not every man can do that!

Hour 2:

“Drug Testing Adults” RC Collins of Chatsworth High School says that if his school is going to drug test students, then it’s only fair to administer the drug tests to the parents and teachers as well.

Hour 3:

Phil talks about single guys who have roommates, being healthy, quitting smoking and working the fat off. “Smoking For 64 Years” Attorney Harvey Wireman calls in to tell Phil that he gave up smoking cigarettes after 64 years. He explains how difficult the Great Depression was to live in, which is why he smoked and drank alcohol as a child. Ruth from Anaheim chimes in!

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  • Avatar

    “I was fine in my 20s, I wasn’t sitting there with a heart attack” LOL

  • Kurt Kraeutler
    Kurt Kraeutler

    Almost lost my fudge listening to the Art Griego bit. A true PHS classic….

  • Cary

    For some reason, any bit with the exaggeratedly heavy and audible breathing makes me laugh my ass off. Great Art Griego bit.

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