First off tonight, Phil shaved off his beard. Second off he welcomed Curt Queedy and Guy Barton, the West Virginia state senators who are introducing the “Hometown News Bill.” Sure parents lock their kids in freezers or leave them in running cars while they hop into a tavern for a quick blast. But does that mean it has to be reported globally? The “HomeTown News Bill” keeps these “strictly local” stories from being reprinted natonally and internationally and turning some poor local boob into “Adolf Hitler.”

In the second hour, Pastor William Rennick came on the program to comment on Steve Johnson, the Buffalo Bill wide reciever who blamed God on Twitter for Johnson dropping a pass against Pittsburgh that migjht have won the game. Pastor Rennick said that while you must love God and trust in God “ain’t nothing wrong in calling God out. It’s like a baby getting a vaccine. “The doctor shoots that baby in the butt with the vaccine and that stings and stings bad. And the baby looks back at the doctor and says ‘You got a fight comin’. It’s comin today.”

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    Interesting that most of the comments are about Phils shaving habits… not the show.. how telling..

    In a nutshell, Imo, Kurt and Guy couldn't have been more boring. Pastor Rennick was much more entertaining, but could have used a personal anecdote about his own experiences disparaging God through twitter/real life…. as there was a severe lack of interesting/breathing callers.

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    Thank god, that was some ZZtop looking kinda Funky thang.

    I let mine go, it's warm, but then, ever so gently, a wafting of something. Some kind of long forgotten, meal. No, dead skunk? NO. Sweaty Gym socks? NO! IT"S THAT DAMN BEARD.

    Can't clean it enough so OFF it goes.

    Just hard to blend in with the indigent crowd without it.

  • blouseclowns

    DAMN! Phil can no longer remind me of the guy on the Gentle Giant album covers.

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    Now Phil looks like Rush Limbaugh with hair. Or an aging Michael J. Pollard.

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