We had Bobbie Dooley and Steve Dooley joining us from the Western Estates Parent Teacher Organization talking about a crossing guard at a cross walk in front of their security gates. Bobbie said that this crossing guard needs to make sure the kids are cleared off the crosswalk when the gates open and “a parade of black sedans with tinted windows come streaming out in the morning. Those are men going to their jobs as investment bankers and consultants.” One morning even Bobbie came sailing out at 40 miles an hour. The crossing guard had to grab a kid and dive into a nearby ditch to avoid being hit. Bobbie said she thought the guard was “playing, going right and then left daring me to hit her. So I said, ‘Okay, I’ll play.'”

Next up was Don Berman stopping by our show long enough to tell Phil that this Wikileaks story and the special that Channel 19 has planned on it for next week will resurrect his career after a drunk diving and ht and run arrest this year put a serious crimp in it. And that on the heels of the paternity suit in 2009.  Has Don read the leaked documents? No but what’s that got to do with it?

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    Always is some little snot nosed punk that thinks he's bought his ticket so now he gets to tell Pavarottii how to really sing. Go ahead Little Sittle, why don't you give us your two cents on every fart oh famous one.

    Like you've done so fuckin much in your life. The ONLY thing you will ever get accomplished is maybe getting this little bit of communication shut down. An area designed for an 'Atta boy', or 'this kinda bothered me' but you just use it for your show critique and review.

    Don't worry, I know, you paid your 6.95. WhooHoo. Now you get to be an asshat and it only cost you 6.95. I quite enjoyed the shows that weren't up to your par. Poor you. Why don't you start a blog and try to make yourself more important then the show. Like SFJ did.

    Plenty happy here Phil. Kick Jasons ass in the parking lot and get him WORKING for you. I'll have the web tuned to you tonight, as always.

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    I'm surprised phil even has this posting area. I see this all the time, "fans" of a show trying to be creators of the show. It's phil's show and if you like what he does fine, I don't think he will ever take advice from anyone here. Comedy is a dictatorship!

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    "Plustered" ??? LOL. You are either trying to be ultra hip or you are just an angry retard. Your posts scream envy. Sadly you don't even realize it.

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    Preston, you're exactly correct… writing for the show ain't easy…. That's why show prep could use a little more than 5 minutes of preparation.

    I've listened to Phil phor a long time and it's so sad to hear his show in the post 2009 era… Pre 2006 was always hillarious, if you don't believe me, go back and listen to those shows… The current show could sound that good if Phil would sink a dollar or two into hiring a good writing assistant.

    The biggest difference between pre 2006 and pre 2009 is the writing, Phil only has a staff of 3 right now, pre2006 had a show staff of 5 or 6, 2 of those staffers were writers/collaborators… If BSP's are selling like hot cakes, that should easily allow Phil to hire an extra hand to help write a better, more cohesive show…

    I'm paying my 6.95 a month and waiting for the day that this show phinally turns around…. That also gives me the right to voice my opinion about it… Posters like camperx and jmiller8708 can grease up, grab the edge of a good solid hardwood desk and take it… just take it…

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    The beard is gone! You look ten years younger Phil. Smart move.

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    Het Sittle, real tired of your dumb ass comments, you rip every show why the F do you listen. You couldn't last 10 minutes in Phils shoes, d-bag

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    so sick of Bobbie. Isn't twice a week enough of that bitch. C'mon Phil. BRAD RIFKIN, if you please.

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    I thought Rantz's ideas were pretty damn good, myself. His Vernon bit would've been better.

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    The Berman segment lacked a human element for callers to relate to the situation. They responded to Bobbie because it was children in danger. Why would they care about a former alcoholic reporting on something called WikiLeaks?

    I think the strongest bits are ones where callers can still care even if they know nothing about the related news story. It's like how animation director Chuck Jones once said the best cartoons are the ones you can follow with the sound turned off. Even if callers knew nothing about Black Friday, they'd react to Dr. Ron Tarner leaving his kid alone in front of a store for self-gain.

    Of course, it's convenient for us to critique things after they've aired. Phil recently said everyone thinks writing for the show is easy.

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    The Doolie segment offered lots of promise with a strong premise, Phil seem to get plustered after the 25 minute mark… Bobbie began to phall out of character (more ditzy, less elitist, classist and uppity), and the callers all had shitty phones/bad connections. This bit could've used more Steve.

    The Berman bit should have been classic, but there was a major disjoint between the wikileaks info and Don's personal problems… It didn't seem to jive or give callers any reason to call in… 0 calls, 25 minutes and out.

    In the past Don uses his position to extort favours from his enemies/superiors… Don really should have done the same hear to attract some callers…

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