Hour 1:

Phil welcomes Paul Lane to the show. He is on vacation in California. He wants to watch Monday Night Football instead of the baseball playoffs. He thinks it’s his constitutional right to go into a bar and watch football instead of the playoffs. Paul Lane goes so far as to demand the bar change the channel.

Hour 2:

David G. Hall joins Phil and asks him to discuss why God is angry at the Muslims…People believe that is why the earthquake happened in Pakistan. Phil plays a listener flashback from 2/14/03, called Nerve Gas, starring Warren Berman.

Hour 3:

Frodo the Puppet is on with Phil as he explains the bull crap. Frodo thinks with any luck this season on his t.v. show Phil will end up like John Ritter. Margaret Gray is on to tell Phil he thinks it is racist that Ashlee Simpson sang on Saturday Night Live. Phil welcomes a play called Jack and the Beanstalk starring, R.C. Collins, Margaret Gray, and Harvey Wireman. Frank Gray (with his gender confusion) comes on to read a story about a military sergeant major and his or her past sex life.

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