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Friday, October 7, 2005

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Hour 1:

Vernon Dozier is on with Phil tonight. Vernon is a football coach who thinks it is okay to allow his players attend this years Homecoming dance drunk.

Hour 2:

Vernon goes on to explain to Phil that he was a great sax player... even better than John Coltrane. Phil plays a flashback from 8-16-04 starring Jim Kaneal called "Special Olympics Wheaties Box." Frank Gray joins Phil with his "Hollywood Minute" He discusses Oprah Winfrey's party...of course he get's his genders confused...he claims Paris Hilton is buffing up for a movie role. Jeff Dowder calls in and tells Phil they are remaking King Kong. He swears it's gonna be radical.

Hour 3:

Art Bell with Coast to Coast is on with General Jamison. He is experimenting with trans vibrations. He is trying to make his niece sound like an opera singer. Earl Poon is on to discuss how he invented a hospital bed. He called it the poon mattress. It catapults old people out of the bed.


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