It’s Phil Only Monday and Phil talks about his brother Darragh’s health battles, his cat’s health battles, his late father, Magellan, and the history of man’s migrations on earth.

Episode 492 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Loved this, loved about your girl friend , so touching. loved about the cat very interesting, and your brother .Didn’t like Native American stuff.

  • Brooke

    LOVE Phil only podcast!!

  • Avatar
    Adam Ray

    Cool show

  • Carlos

    So I’m listening to Phil only Monday at work. Good god that poor kitty cat Pancho, I started to choke up. He reminded me of Snowball. We want updates on Pancho, glad your brother is doing better. But we want to know about Pancho!

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    Herb Sewell

    “Phil , we prefer to call it a non metallic wildlife containment rod” Ray Kraver talking about the use of wooden bats to kill baby harp seals,,

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